Frequently Asked Questions

Our global network of manufacturing, warehousing and technical support provides our customers the highest quality product with superior service, no matter where they are located. We are able to respond quickly, no matter your location.
Yes, Dhake Industries has a multitude of technology and color approvals for all of the world's most-recognized OEMs.
Not only are we the most approved supplier by automotive OEMs for both interior and exterior coatings applications, but we are available to you globally, no matter where you are. Our prices are very low. And, our customer service is consistently good.
This is an added bonus. Working with us allows you to meet your annual minority sourcing requirements.
Today, auto manufacturers must adhere to stricter sustainability guidelines. We are improving with more 'green' products while helping you to keep an eye on decreasing your manufacturing costs and simplifying your manufacturing process.
Although we do offer paints and coatings for consumer electronics, general industrial and heavy-duty trucks, our main focus is automotive paint and coatings, to include: hard coatings, soft and flexible coatings, in-mold coatings, metal coatings, specialty coatings and custom coatings - most of which are for both internal and external applications.

Also, when you purchase communized components, you can save in inventory and shipping costs and use complimentary catalysts and solvents, which make your process even more efficient.
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means from top management, and throughout our organization, our focus is customer service. To maintain certification, all processes must be continually improved upon.
The founder, B.G. Dhake has degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. His son, Arjun holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Combined, father and son have the technological savvy and business acumen to ensure the highest possible quality with the proper support to ensure their partners' success.
Absolutely! And, with lightening speed! If your current supplier is unable to provide a high-quality product specifically for your needs, please call us. We can!
Yes, we can. And, for many applications and needs.
Yes, they are.
We most certainly can. And, because we have a global presence, we can come to you, anywhere in the world, to help you become more efficient.
We have low overhead and work around the globe. If you are having any challenges with your current supplier - whether it be with quality, turn-around time, cost or specification approval, please call 734-420-0101 or email us We guarantee, we will make you happy.
Yes, you can. Visit our Contact Us page or send an email to or simply give us a call at 734-420-0101.